The perfect jewellery for every occasion

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The perfect jewellery for every occasion

Ritu was in the middle of a meeting, when she received a call. Reva Calling…

She disconnected and messaged back “In a meeting…Will call you back”.

Once the meeting was over, Ritu called Reva back.


“Ritu. Be ready to take at least 7days leave next month. I’m getting married and you will have to come to Delhi”

“OMG! My Best Friend is Getting Married!”

She went back home and peeked inside the wardrobe to be greeted by the new lehenga style silk saree.

She took it out to feel it and smiled.

She was reminded of day, when she bought it with Reva, keeping her wedding in mind…

But, now that she’s got her outfit right, she thought “What about my jewellery?”

She opened the jewellery box and spotted her favourite Kundan Jewellery.  She picked it up and thought “My best friend’s wedding and I have the right to look equally beautiful!” And her eyes fell upon the heavy gold ornaments with elaborate designs, passed down to her from her mother.

“Perfect for my saree.”

Festive Jewellery

By the time Ritu returned from the wedding ceremony, it was time for Pongal, Holi and a few other festivals. She had occasions one after the other, strung together like pearls.

Bright colours and lively atmosphere is all things pretty about these festivals.

To keep up the vibrancy, Ritu planned to adorn herself with all things vintage.

Whether traditional gold necklace set or multi-strand kundan jewellery , she’s ready to make a bold statement for herself every festive night.

Party Jewellery  

Ritu worked in a big firm. Every other day, there was a reason to party. Whenever a party calls she completely indulges herself and is ready to flaunt her style.

She usually wears flowy gowns in such parties. And Diamond drop earrings are good to go with it.

More so, because they will accentuate the length of her neck and compliment her natural elegance.

Pairing these earrings with a matching tennis bracelet will not only complete her look, but make her look like the belle of the ball!

Jewellery for Romantic Evenings

It was a Monday morning; Ritu sat in front of her desk and found a bouquet of flowers with a card reading, “Dinner Tonight? “  She smiled thinking it was her very first date.

She decided slip into some nice and detailed for that evening to be worn and a delicate but sparkling necklace to go along with it.

Jewellery on a Day out with Girls

It was a weekend and she thought it had been many days when she had not gone out to meet her friends. She messaged all her friends in group planning to go for day out.

She planned shopping, movie and club. A casual look and Beaded Jewellery with it, puts her in a mood to enjoy a well-deserved day.

Jewelleries are therefore an integral part of every woman’s life. Hope this write-up  helps you to decide what pieces to choose in accordance to occasion.

Jewelleries are precious…Take Care!

Unpredictable seasons … Unpredictable working hours….leaves you strained and drained…

Whatever be the circumstance… You don’t forget to style. Right?

Whatever you wear… you’ll obviously want to take your best friends along with you…?

Your best friend… Didn’t guess it, right?  Nothing…but, your Jewelleries!

They are extremely precious. You have an emotional bonding with them.  Therefore every piece needs the right amount of care, attention and love

Let me now take you through the right amount of attention that your jewelleries need.

Just a wipe!

Be it  a regular office goer or a traveler by profession…you must definitely be running a busy schedule.

You also have no time to keep a check, clean or polish your gold rings, chains, and even your favourite diamonds. Check if they need a reasonable polish.   Scrutinize them every 6 to 12 months. A gentle swipe with alcohol wipes can also work wonders!

Excessive Heat? Keep your Jewelleries away!

Did you know? Your gold and diamond jewelleries are vulnerable to heat?

They  tend to bleach and develop cracks under summer’s sun. Ensure that your jewels are away from terrible heat.

Jewelleries and Chemicals? A big No!

You have to use hairspray, perfume and cosmetics…whenever you go. Right?

But before you apply those chemicals…Ensure that you remove your gold chain or bangle, to avoid discolouration.

Box’em Up!

Plastic ziplock bags or pouches for jewelleries? Not smart!

Soft individual pouches with separate labels are way to go!

You can even box them up by having separate sloths for each jewellery pieces, to save them  from scratches, breakage and  getting tangled.

Monsoon’s here!

Monsoon brings swelling humidity. Just because your jewellery is sturdy, Moisture will not affect it?

Try placing them inside slica gel bags to avoid your jewelleries from getting oxidized or tarnished.

We understand the significance of your jewelleries in your life. Dazzle with these tips until we follow you up something new.